Sep 15, 2014

Pastel Pink Hair

It's been a while! And as you might have seen on my others social media accounts, I dyed my hair cotton candy pink. It's a very beautiful baby pinkish pale pastel color, and as so many of you liked it and asked me how I achieved it.. I thought why not tell you on here.

The dye I used is from La Riche Directions, I mixed both of their Carnation Pink with Lilac.
I  mixed a 1:2 ratio with the two dyes to eliminate any orange undertones from my already platinum blond hair with the lilac. If I would've just used the pink on it's own I would've probably gotten a peachy pink color. To make the mixture pastel and not vibrant, I just used tiny drops of the Directions dye and diluted it with white conditioner. Any cheap one will do because you need to use most of the bottle in order to cover your whole head. 
Mix the color you like, but remember it will turn out at least 1-2 shades lighter than what it looks like in the mixing bowl. I just applied the dye on my damp roots and worked it into the rest of my hair evenly. Make sure to not miss a spot! I then left it on for around an hour before washing it out.
This is how it turned out when hit by the light. It looks more and less purple at different times of the day depending on how light it is so I think that's pretty fun! It washes out really, really fast so make sure to mix a little more so you can re-apply it in the shower at times.
Hope this was at least a little helpful, have fun with your hair!
I have lots of outfits to upload on here because I've been so busy lately and didn't have a chance to show them on here, so look out for that!


  1. Your hair colour is really sweet and pretty <3 I love it!

    I'm a new follower, here's my blog if you want to check it :3

  2. It looks really good on you :)
    And great to have you back on IG as well!

    I hope College is great for you! <3