Aug 14, 2014

Modern Day Witch

Shirt - Monki
Kimono - Gina Tricot
Boots - H&M
Choker - Planet Babee

It's been a while!
And obviously I felt like dressing up as a witch again, haha! I just think this oversized Kimono with a hood in mostly black tones gives it that mysterious witchy vibe, and I love it !
As the print of the kimono is already very busy with the white spots all over, I decided to keep the colors black and white with a pop of blue!
I love this tattoo choker necklace from Planet Babee! You guys should definitely check them out, they have a lot of different charms and colors of chokers, all very cute :) 

What I'm holding is actually Snape's wand which is a collectible and says "Not a Toy". Nobody can stop me.


  1. cute look!
    great blog! following you hun<3

  2. This witchy look is fantastic! I think you made this kimono such a chic piece and I love that it has a hood!


  3. Snape's wand! Haha I love it. #potterhead